Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my website! My name is Jessica Fleischman (feel free to call me Jess!) and I am a freelance AEA stage and event manager based in New York City. Originally from the Hudson Valley region of New York, I was exposed to theatre at a young age when traveling into the city on school trips and with family. Soon after, I became interested in how all the pieces of the puzzle magically fit together. During summers in grade school, I attended a community theatre camp and learned the basics of theatre, but realized I didn’t enjoy being onstage and shifted my interest to the tech side. I was officially bit by the theatre bug! There was no “ah ha!” moment, but a gradual appreciation for the art.

Salt Lake City, Utah!

I love the process of creating and of collaborating with others in the room. I aim to be hands on, objective (but also selective), and diverse in my input as an SM as well as in my problem solving. I want to foster an environment where everyone in the room can do their best work. While theatre can be challenging at times, we all love what we do as a career, so why not have fun while doing it?! We have so much to learn from each other as humans, creators, and professionals. Laughter is the best way to facilitate that goal.

We are! Penn State!

A little more about me…I am a proud graduate of Penn State University where I earned dual degrees in Stage Management (B.F.A.) and Telecommunications (B.A., TV Production/Management) which has only equipped me with an unique platform for communication, an understanding of different production processes, as well as a more well-rounded management style. I strongly believe that having a diverse knowledge of the world makes a person more valuable in the rehearsal room. To help with this, I immersed myself in classes, stage crew jobs at the road house on campus, live TV webcasts, and overall campus life throughout my college career. I supplemented my formal education through professional work and internships during the summers, at theaters including Williamstown Theatre Festival, Second Stage Theatre, Wicked on Broadway, New York Musical Festival, and Amas Musical Theatre. These summers were invaluable in preparing me for the “real world” and helped mold me into the (badass) stage manager I am today.

Calling Jersey Boys for the first time!

Beyond theatre, I can be found cheering for Penn State Football, hiking a mountain, exploring NYC, experimenting with makeup, cooking, drinking lots of iced coffee, and playing with my cocker spaniel pup. Just to name a few things!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me!


Hiking in Grand Teton National Park