Arts for Autism

Production Assistant

Gershwin Theatre, Summer 2016

PSM – Gregg Kirsopp

Fundraising concert to benefit Autism Speaks in association with Believe NYC and Educational Travel Adventures. (

– 1st Annual Event held in the Gershwin Theatre
– Ran SL deck with an IATSE crew
– Helped guide about 130 students from around the country and over 20 Broadway performers around the theatre and stage areas
– Worked with individuals with Autism and adjusted deck tracks accordingly



Circo de la Luna

Assistant Stage Manager

Rose Nagelberg Theatre, Spring 2016

Director – Mark Lonergan
PSM – Katie Kavett

– Cast of 10, Crew of 6 (including 3 riggers)
– Came in for tech/run and was quickly able to adapt to the fast paced environment while still successfully learning the show and its needs
– Responsible for running the deck and delegating responsibilities (2 deck crew, 3 riggers)
– Worked with non-English speaking performers and how to find different forms of communication
– There were several aerial acts in the show where I was able to gain new knowledge and understanding of the rigging process and the team’s needs


We Are…On Broadway 2016

Stage Manager

The State Theatre, Winter 2016

Director – John Simpkins 

PSM – Jenn Gallo